Biotech and Pharma need to get
Secure File Sharing into their DNA

Challenges and risk factors
you need to know


In early 2018, senior executives at Sangamo Therapeutics had their corporate files unlawfully accessed. For almost 3 months, hackers had unfettered access to the biotech’s sensitive files and documents containing proprietary, confidential and other sensitive information about the company.


In our newest whitepaper, we delve into why the past decade has seen a significant rise in attacks like the one on Sangamo and how companies can protect themselves.  We also look into the:


  • Impact and cost of these attacks on security and profitability
  • Challenges to maintaining file security
  • Effective solutions to ensuring file security in the future


Download our whitepaper to learn how you can stop hackers from attacking your company’s file sharing and start finding effective end-to-end encryption solutions to combat them.