Why biotech & pharma companies use PreVeil

In biotech and pharma, one of the biggest worries for CISOs, boards and audit committees is the loss of their IP. Consequently, many companies try to secure files through the use of expensive home-built software or insecure platforms like DropBox or Google Drive. These choices leave a company with compliance risks, significant expense, and/or ineffective security. PreVeil however provides companies with a secure file sharing platform that allows them to share and access files securely. Without compromise

Taller walls don’t work

For many biotech and pharma enterprises, file sharing serves as a source of vulnerability. Files contain important information and can represent a high value target for intruders. And given that research represent some of the highest-value targets for attackers, experts agree it is not a question of ‘if’ a firm will be breaches but rather ‘when’. To survive in this context, life science firms need better protection for the sensitive client and internal files they’re entrusted with.

End to end encryption added to your stack

According to the Ponemon Institute, effective end-to-end encryption is one of the most effective efforts a company can take to improve the security of its data. Indeed, end-to-end encryption is the gold standard of encryption processes as it ensures that the data in an file cannot be read by third parties. At PreVeil, we use end-to-end encryption to ensure your files are cryptographically encoded so that the only persons who can decrypt your files are you and the persons you share them with.

Manage internal employees

One of the biggest threats a company faces is the risk from internal people and sources. Rogue employees, or malicious “insiders” that have access to credentials and knowledge of company’s confidential information are one of the largest risks a company faces. However, with PreVeil Drive, companies can provision access to files and log file movement across the network. As such, files have an added layer of security provided for their protection.

Compliance: Fully auditable with ability to roll back changes

Consistent with FDA requirements, PreVeil cryptographically prevents unauthorized modification of logs by ensuring unauthorized users cannot modify shared records without being granted permission by the file owner. All changes to file or email stored in PreVeil are cryptographically logged, time stamped, and auditable by administrators and regulators. All emails, file modifications, and other actions within PreVeil are also digitally signed. Finally, PreVeil enables companies to recover and roll back to prior versions of a file, in the event an incorrect or unauthorized change was made.

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