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Biotech IP is Under Attack

Biotech and pharmaceutical firms hold vast amounts of valuable data and information making them prime targets for cyber-attacks.

This risk is magnified by the growing digitalization within the industry which works to put their data at further risk.

How PreVeil Helps Biotech

PreVeil provides exceptional security for  protecting IP where security ‘best practices’ don’t cut it.

PreVeil’s system provides:

  • Exceptional security and control: Enables a highly secure email and file sharing channel that maintains the privacy of data even if account passwords are stolen, IT admins compromised, or servers breached
  • Seamless ease of use: Integrates with Outlook, O365, Gmail, File Explorer, Mac Finder, iOS, and Android.
  • Robust compliance suite: Supports privacy requirements for FINRA and GDPR, as well as archiving-related journaling requirements.

Use Cases

PreVeil provides biotech and Pharma companies with an extremely secure channel in which they can share their IP as well as email. This channel is immune to phishing, spoofing, and Business Email Compromise.

This secure channel can be restricted to internal employees  or selectively extended to external collaborators and supply chain partners of your choosing. In minutes, IT Admins can configure whitelisting and effectively insulate executives, scientists, deal teams, and other employees from external phishing and spoofing attacks.

Consistent with FDA Requirements

Consistent with FDA compliance requirements, PreVeil cryptographically prevents unauthorized modification of logs by ensuring unauthorized users cannot modify shared records without being granted permission by the file owner.

All changes to file or email stored in PreVeil are cryptographically logged, time stamped, and audit-able by administrators and regulators.

All emails, file modifications, and other actions within PreVeil are also digitally signed. Finally, PreVeil enables companies to recover and roll back to prior versions of a file, in the event an incorrect or unauthorized change was made.

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