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Hello, World!

Introducing PreVeil, a new cybersecurity company based on research from MIT that provides cloud storage with uncompromising end-to-end encryption and no central point of attack.


We started PreVeil in early 2015 with a goal of bringing better security to ordinary business and personal activities.  We noticed that most business interaction over the Internet involves sensitive information.  Yet this communication isn’t well secured, even though good encryption tools are widely available.  Why?  Because security is just too difficult to use.  Furthermore, most cloud based services have significant security flaws, even though they tout their focus on protecting user data.


We believe that if we can make really great security radically easier to use then a lot more people will protect their sensitive information, and conducting business will be a lot safer.


The roots of our technology come from research at MIT that enables computation on encrypted data.  The challenge underlying this research is the goal of protecting information on servers, even when servers have been breached. The solution is end-to-end encryption with special technologies to allow certain server functions (like search) to be executed without revealing unencrypted data.


We apply these ideas to real-world collaboration, communication, and information storage problems.  It’s not enough just to provide end-to-end encryption.  To be useful, encryption must be extremely easy to use, integrating well with the way people are already working.  At the same time, we set out to solve other business problems – such as giving IT organizations the tools they need to access and track information that belongs to the enterprise – all without trusting a server.


PreVeil’s development team is comprised of extremely talented engineers with roots at MIT and other great institutions.  Our co-founder, Raluca Ada Popa, is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of California at Berkeley.  Nickolai Zeldovich, an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, is the chief system architect.


Our other two co-founders, Randy Battat and Sanjeev Verma, previously built and ran Airvana, a Boston-based wireless infrastructure company, that grew to $500M in sales, several hundred employees, and an IPO.


Our products are still under development, but you can sign up to receive a beta version when it’s available at  In the meantime, our blog will focus on major cybersecurity topics involving technology, the current state of the market, and public policy.  We hope that you’ll find our posts topical and thought-provoking.


Thanks for reading. We hope you stick around and see what PreVeil has to offer.


Randy Battat