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Design and build the server infrastructure that makes encryption usable for everyday business applications.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in CS or related experience
  • 8+ years relevant work experience
  • 2+ years experience in a senior role (architect, project lead, etc.)
  • Experience designing and implementing scalable cloud-based web services
  • Strong working knowledge of relational database systems
  • Experience building software using AWS managed services

Desired Experience:

  • Extensive experience managing and debugging production cloud systems
  • Experience working in a functional language or a strong interest in learning
  • Experience with CI/CD and modern DevOps tools (Docker, Kubernetes, etc.)
  • Expertise with a variety of storage and messaging tools (distributed databases, Apache Kafka, etc.); architectural experience building them into production systems
  • Strong interest in cryptography; experience working with end-to-end encryption or modern hardware solutions (e.g., SGX enclaves) would be a huge plus

To apply to this position, please email [email protected]