PreVeil for Enterprise

PreVeil is the easiest to use application for end-to-end encrypted email, file sharing and storage for organizations that want to protect their data.

Enterprise Features

Protect external as well as internal communication

PreVeil’s end-to-end encrypted email and file-sharing enables your team to collaborate with external partners, customers, and suppliers just as easily as within your own organization.

Quickly provision and manage your organization with PreVeil Admin Console™

IT administrators can easily create, modify, and delete users and groups, as well as set organizationwide user and data recovery policies.

Distribute trust for extra security

PreVeil’s Approval Group™ technology ensures that privileged activities are only enabled after receiving cryptographic approval from a group of predetermined administrators or leaders. No single administrator can compromise an entire organization.

Keep logs tamper-proof and private

PreVeil encrypts all log entries. Administrators can view the historical activity of all users, groups, emails, and documents. Attackers cannot add or delete log entries undetected.

Easily control the life cycle of your information

Administrators can set specific versioning and retention policies to control exactly how documents and emails are archived.