Trusted Communities™ protect you from phishing and spoofing attacks

PreVeil's Trusted Communities™ provide a secure channel that is immune to phishing, spoofing, and Business Email Compromise. PreVeil seamlessly integrates with Outlook/O365 while keeping your Emails safe from attackers. Admins can selectively whitelist to enable trusted suppliers, customers, and partners to exchange emails and share files with your employees.
PreVeil's end-to-end encryption works for Windows and Apple email clients and in the browser.

End-to-End Encrypted Email

Keep your existing email address. Use PreVeil with Outlook on Windows and Mac Mail, or access your PreVeil email through your browser or the PreVeil app for iOS or Android.
File Encryption

PreVeil Drive: encrypted file sharing on any device, anywhere

Synchronize files across all your devices. Share files and set access permissions. Works with Mac Finder and Windows File Explorer, and the PreVeil app for iOS or Android. All protected with end-to-end encryption.
PreVeil's end-to-end encryption platform prevents any third party - even PreVeil - from seeing your emails or files.

Encrypted end-to-end, hosted in the cloud

Every document and message is encrypted with a unique key before it leaves your device and isn't decrypted until it reaches its destination. Neither PreVeil nor any third party can decrypt your data because only you have the decryption keys. Since your data is never decrypted in the cloud, you are protected even if the cloud is breached.
PreVeil's end-to-end encryption platform uses keys, which are much more secure than passwords, to secure your emails and data.

No Passwords

Your data is secured by something much better — encryption keys that belong only to you. Your "private key" is your gateway to the PreVeil system. It's stored only on your devices, and is not accessible anywhere else. Unlike passwords, private keys cannot be guessed by a computer algorithm or stolen from another website.
PreVeil's Approval Groups allow private keys to be reconstituted without being moved or copied.

No Superusers - Introducing Approval Groups™

PreVeil is designed to eliminate central points of attack, including administrators with superuser privileges. IT can still access encrypted corporate information and recover user keys using Approval Groups. They are the cryptographic equivalent of giving fragments of your house key to your neighbors. No single neighbor can access your house, but if you lose your key, your neighbors can get you back in.