1. Download and Install PreVeil

Click download.

Open the file in your downloads folder but leave your browser open

Start the installation process

Accept the license agreement and click Install.

2. Create Your Account

You’ll see this screen in your browser.

Click the Create Account

Enter your email address (this will be your PreVeil ID), and then click Send Verification Email

Access your email account to view the verification code. It may be located in your spam/junk folder.

Copy the verification code to the browser window and click Verify.

If you want to use PreVeil Email with Gmail or Outlook, you can set that up later under SETTINGS .

Click Skip for Now

3. Set Up Your Organization

Find the welcome email sent to you in PreVeil.

Click the Create Organization button.

This will open a browser and take you to the “Create Organization” screen. Enter the name of your organization (you will not be able to change this) and your department*.

*Department is a name for a group that you may want to identify for future reference. You can change this later.

Click Create Organization.

4. Invite Team Members

Go to the Admin Console by clicking on the ADMIN tab.

Click Add Users.

Enter the name and email address and click Create Account for each user you want to add.

Each user will receive an email inviting them to claim the PreVeil account you’ve set up for them. To do that they should click the two buttons in the email:

1) Install PreVeil by clicking Step 1 – Install PreVeil THEN

2) Claim the account you set up for them by clicking Step 2 – Join {Your Organization}.

5. Backup Your Keys


Each user’s data is secured by a secret key that’s stored on your computer. Each user needs to secure a backup copy of this key in case your computer is lost or destroyed.

You can back up your key now by following the instructions below, or you can copy your key to a phone with PreVeil installed by following these instructions.

To Print Out A Copy of Your Key for Future Recovery:

Click on SETTINGS then Recovery Code

Optionally enter a password then click
Create Recovery File .

A PDF will be downloaded to your Downloads folder. You can scan the code in the future to recover your account if you need to. This will work one time only (after which you’ll need to download a new code).

6. Start Using PreVeil Drive

Start placing files and folders in the PreVeil directory using Windows File Explorer. The PreVeil folder can be found in your home directory on your computer. It’s also automatically pinned to your Quick access list in Window File Explorer.

Files and folders in the PreVeil folder are automatically encrypted and stored on PreVeil’s servers.

You can also access your files and folders though your browser by going to preveil.com/app and clicking on the DRIVE tab.

More information on using PreVeil Drive can be found here.

7. Share a Folder

Note: People with whom you share folders must have a PreVeil account with the PreVeil software installed on their device to access shared information.

To share a folder with others, click on the box next to the folder you want to share and click Share

Enter the email address of the recipient THEN PRESS ENTER

Then click Share.

The recipient will receive an email with a link to access the shared folder via PreVeil.

Visit preveil.com/support for more information

For technical support, send us a request by clicking here.