Gmail is a wonderful email service, but it’s not secure.

Even though Google has stopped putting ads in Gmail, Google servers scan your emails in order to learn more about you, help improve your experience, and search your data.

If you value your privacy or you want to control the security of your email, try PreVeil for Gmail.  It uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that only the recipients of your messages, not even Google or PreVeil, can see what you’re sending.


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PreVeil for Gmail

PreVeil now has a Chrome plug-in for Gmail.  It adds a secure set of mailboxes to your Gmail browser experience.  All the messages sent to and from the secure mailboxes are automatically encrypted and stored on PreVeil’s servers.  Google can’t even see your messages, not even the drafts.

You can try PreVeil and the Gmail plug-in for free by downloading PreVeil for Mac or Windows here.  If you’re managing an organization and would like a demonstration of PreVeil Gmail for your team, we’d like to talk to you by contacting us here.