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  • No need for a credit card. Pay only if you upgrade to PreVeil for Business*

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Personal VS. Business-Level

Personal users get the same easy to use world-class end to end encryption as our enterprise customers.

The PreVeil personal version allows anyone to quickly and easily begin sending messages and sharing files with complete end to end security and privacy. Anyone can install and use PreVeil personal version – and invite others to join PreVeil personal for free.

The PreVeil enterprise version includes additional features for managing users, policies, and other administration tasks. Ask your IT or security team if you want to use PreVeil encrypted messaging and file sharing at your company without any disruption to your current work environment.

The secure email and file sharing platform for your business.

Can I use my existing email address? 
PreVeil Personal account holders can continue to use their existing Gmail, Outlook or Apple Mail email address. PreVeil seamlessly integrates with these platforms by creating a new set of mailboxes for your encrypted messages. Messages in these new mailboxes are encrypted and stored on PreVeil’s servers.
There is no change to the mailboxes that were already in your mail program and no impact to the servers that store your regular, unsecure messages.

Can I use PreVeil on desktop and mobile? 
Preveil is compatible with desktop, mobile devices and tablets. Users can easily get started with the mobile app or installing PreVeil on their desktop by clicking on the links above.

Is PreVeil HIPAA and GDPR compliant? 
PreVeil enables organizations to comply with the stringent information governance requirements required by GDPR and HIPAA.

Is PreVeil really free for life?  
Yes, the PreVeil Personal offer is free for life. You will never need to provide PreVeil with a credit card or any payment information to use this platform.

How much does it cost to upgrade? 
PreVeil for Business costs $20 per user per month. There are many important features offered by PreVeil for Business which are needed to run an enterprise. In addition to 5 TB of storage, PreVeil for Business enables administrative functions such as bulk provisioning of users, creating approval groups as well as eDiscovery data export.

Why is end-to-end encryption important? 
The security architecture of traditional email and file sharing systems is fundamentally flawed. These systems rely on passwords, admins and server security to keep data safe. Yet despite the industry’s best efforts, phishing, spoofing, password theft, admin compromise and server attacks continue.
PreVeil addresses these vulnerabilities by using end-to-end encryption to protect data. End-to-end encryption ensures that data is only ever encrypted or decrypted on a user’s device – never on the server. Data cannot be accessed via stolen passwords, admin compromise or server attack.