Building a Winning CMMC Cybersecurity Program

To get ready for CMMC, DoD suppliers need to develop a compliance and cybersecurity strategy. But how do suppliers know if they are investing in the right technologies, procedures and training?
This webinar garnered insights from CMMC compliance experts Scott McDaniel (VP Technology, Simple Helix) and Cliff Neve (COO, MAD Security) as they discussed how to build a winning cybersecurity program through steps such as:

  • Developing a focused CMMC compliance plan
  • *Focusing on key considerations for protecting CUI
  • Developing the necessary proof to pass a compliance audit

Watch the webinar and learn insightful lessons on how defense organizations can get started on their compliance journey.

Download the webinar deck from the presentation.


Download either of PreVeil’s whitepapers mentioned during the webinar: Complying with the DoD’s CMMC or DFARS Self-Assessment: How to Raise Your Score