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Data Sheet: Cybersecurity and Ransomware Protection For Small to Midsized Business

Small business owners often consider themselves to be of little interest to cyber criminals. Their mindset is that their business doesn’t have sensitive information or other data worth stealing. Attackers, on the other hand, often target smaller companies because they know that many lack the technical expertise to defend against cyberattacks. The value to attackers is not just sensitive data, but rather the ability to shut down a business and hold it hostage for a ransom payment.
In this important brief for small to mid-size businesses, we highlight how even the smallest company – from doctors’ offices and law firms to electricians and plumbers – can protect themselves from ransomware and other cybersecurity attacks by deploying PreVeil. These companies can benefit from the same military grade file sharing and email used by hundreds of defense contractors.
By deploying PreVeil, these businesses can:

  • Neutralize ransomware attacks
  • Eliminate password theft
  • Ensure server breaches only yield gibberish
  • Secure data even if administrators are compromised

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