Supply Chain

Securing the defense supply chain: How to achieve secure and compliant communication with your subcontractors

To better defend the defense industrial base’s (DIB) vast attack surface, the Department of Defense (DoD) is focused on supply chain risk management. As part of that effort, the DoD’s DFARS
Interim Rule holds primes responsible for the security of their supply chains. That responsibility extends throughout all levels of the supply chain—not just to contractors’ direct suppliers.

This whitepaper highlights the challenges that primes and other contractors face as they strive to meet their responsibility for securing their supply chains. It is designed to help primes and other contractors communicate throughout their supply chain in a secure and compliant environment. It presents PreVeil Drive and Email—built on modern cybersecurity principles and grounded in end-to-end encryption—as solutions that allow secure, compliant file sharing and email messaging to support collaboration throughout your supply chain.

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