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Access your account on another computer or phone

To enable access to your PreVeil account on a new computer or phone, you need access to another device that already has your PreVeil account installed.


The process to add your account (copy your private key) to a new computer or mobile device requires only 3 quick steps:


  1. Install PreVeil on the new device if it is not already installed*
  2. Log in to your PreVeil account on your existing device
  3. Securely copy your private key from your existing device to the new device


*If necessary, see one of the following articles to review how to install PreVeil:


If the device with PreVeil installed is not available, but you have configured your recovery group, you can recover your account on your new device.



NOTE:  The illustrations in the process outlined below are from a computer; however, you can perform these steps on an iPhone or iPad as well.



New Device


Step 1: Install PreVeil on the new device if it is not already installed


Then, on your new device:


Go to  When the following screen displays, click/tap the “Add Account” button.




When the Add Existing Account screen displays, have your device with your existing PreVeil account nearby, and then click/tap the “Copy from Device”  button on your new device.




When the next screen displays, enter the email address for the PreVeil account you want to copy to your new device, and then click/tap “Continue.”




Your screen on your new device now displays the message “Awaiting Connection.”





Step 2: Log in to your PreVeil account on your existing device


On a computer, go to to login. If you have multiple accounts, verify that you are logged in with the proper account.




On an iPhone or iPad, open the PreVeil app.


Click/tap SETTINGS at the top of the page.  On the Settings menu, select Add Device. The Awaiting Connection screen displays briefly, and then the following screen displays to allow you to enter the code that appears on your new device.




Return to your new device. The following page displays with a randomly generated code for you to enter on your existing device.





Step 3: Securely copy your account from your existing device to the new device


Return to your existing device. A page is already displayed (as shown above) prompting you to enter the code from your new device so you can complete the copy of your private key.


TIP: You must enter the code that was generated on your new device into the field provided on your existing device quickly. If you do not do so, PreVeil removes the random code from your new device, and you must click the “Retry” button on one of your devices to get a new code.




Enter the key provided from your new device, and then click/tap the “Transfer Private Key” button. The following page displays on your existing device.




On your new device, depending on whether it’s a Windows or a Mac computer, you will see a page similar to the following.  If your new device is an iPhone or iPad, you will be taken to your new PreVeil inbox in the PreVeil app:




Note the message Device Successfully Added in the upper left corner of the page.


You’ve successfully copied your account onto a new computer! You can repeat the process as many times as you’d like, and all your devices will be able to see the same data.