What happens if I accidentally remove PreVeil on my device?

When you delete or uninstall PreVeil from your phone, tablet, or computer, you are also deleting your private key from that device. Your private key enables access to your account, which is associated with your email address. When you delete your private key, you are removing the ability to access your account on that device; however, your email account still exists with PreVeil, so it cannot be re-created. If you try to recreate it, you will receive an email from PreVeil which states that you are attempting to create an account using an email address that already exists with PreVeil.


Often when you accidentally delete an app or other type of account, you can use that service’s “Forgot Your Password” feature to gain access to your account again. PreVeil does not use passwords — our technology is built around your private key, which PreVeil does not store. Therefore, if you delete your private key from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and you want to restore your account, you can:


  • Copy your private key from another computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Recover your private key using your Recovery Group
  • Have PreVeil delete your account


Copy Private Key

If you have PreVeil installed on another computer, tablet, or iPhone, you can copy your private key from that device to the device where you deleted your private key. This will again give you the ability to access your account on that device.


Recover Private Key

If you set up a Recovery Group on your computer after you installed PreVeil and created your account, you can use the Recovery Group process to securely reconstruct your private key. This is useful when you do not have PreVeil installed on another device.


Read these articles to learn about Recovery Groups and the recovery process on a mobile device:




Have PreVeil Delete Your Account

If you do not have PreVeil installed on another computer, tablet, or smartphone, and you did not set up a Recovery Group, you must contact PreVeil so that we can delete your account on our end. Once that happens, you can re-create your account on your device; however, all the data from your account will be lost.


CAUTION:  It’s important that once your PreVeil account is activated on your device, you configure your recovery settings. If you don’t have recovery settings configured, you only have your account on one device, and you delete PreVeil, you will permanently lose access to all the data on your account.

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