Recover your account on a computer

Why would I need to recover my PreVeil account?


If you have lost all of your devices where PreVeil is installed, you will need to recover your account. If you previously configured your recovery settings and created a recovery group, PreVeil is able to recover your account and your private key.


The process is very similar to copying a PreVeil account to a new device but requires members of your recovery group to enter codes that are displayed on your machine.  To recover your PreVeil account, follow these 3 steps:


  1. Install PreVeil on the new computer if it is not already installed*
  2. Initiate the recovery process
  3. Give a code to each required approver


*If necessary, see one of the following articles to review how to install PreVeil:


Recover your PreVeil account and key


Obtain a computer onto which you will recover your PreVeil account and private key. We’ll refer to this as the recovery device.


On your recovery device, go to and click “Add Existing Account.




When the next screen appears, click the “Recover Key” button.




Enter your PreVeil account email address and click the “Continue” button.




The following message displays:




You will receive an email at the above address containing a button. Click the “I’m on a computer” button in that email to begin the recovery process. 




The button advances you to a page where you can begin the recovery process. Click the “Continue” button.




The next page allows you to manage and track your recovery process. Your selected approvers and their status are displayed. Note that the “Recover Key” button is disabled until the selected number of approvers have approved your recovery process.




You must now repeat the following steps for each approver until you have reached the number of approvers which will enable your recovery process. 


Click the “Start” button for an individual approver.


Your screen displays a banner stating ‘Awaiting Connection…’. Your recovery device will stay this way until your approver takes action.





While your recovery device is waiting, your approver must log into PreVeil with their own account, go to their Settings menu, and select Approve Recovery. When prompted at the ‘Approve Recovery’ page, your approver should enter your PreVeil account email and click the “Continue” button.



At this point, your screen (not your approver’s) changes to display a random series of characters.




Have your approver enter the code shown on your screen (again, tell them in person or by the phone – avoid any texting or emailing) and click the “Yes, I approve” button.



Your recovery device returns to the Recovery Management page, which displays a green check mark next to the approver’s name.




Repeat these steps for each approver until the “Recover Key” button is enabled.


Once a sufficient number of approvers have approved your request and the “Recover Key” button is enabled, click it.




That’s it. You’re done! You can now go to and view your account and email.



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