Using the PreVeil Key Menu on a Mac

When you install PreVeil on your Mac, PreVeil adds a key icon to your top menu bar.


The icon looks like this:






Right after PreVeil installation, you can use this icon to get to to create your new PreVeil email account. After you create your PreVeil account, you can use the icon to quickly go to your PreVeil email inbox, Drive folder in Finder, or Activity Logs in the browser. You will also be able to see any account alerts, if applicable.


When you click the icon, you are presented with a drop-down that shows your most recent Activity Logs.

To go to your Settings page and view more logs, click on View All and a new browser tab will open to the Logs page.

You can also go directly your Inbox in the browser, or to your PreVeil Drive folder in Finder, by clicking the applicable icons.


If you have more than one account, click the drop-down bar to select a different account.

For more information on how to use PreVeil on your Mac, please read Add PreVeil to Apple Mail and Use PreVeil in Apple Mail.

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