Using the PreVeil Key Menu on Windows

When you install PreVeil on Windows, PreVeil adds a key menu into your bottom toolbar.
NOTE: These images are taken from a Windows 10 machine. Exact details may vary based on operating system.


The icon looks like this:

Right after PreVeil installation, you can use this icon to get to to create your new PreVeil email account.  After you create your PreVeil email account, use the icon to quickly go to your PreVeil email inbox, Drive homepage, or Settings on the web.
When you click the icon, you are presented with a drop-down menu where you can select to go directly to your PreVeil email inbox; go to your PreVeil Settings page; access the PreVeil online help articles; go to PreVeil Drive in your default browser; or go to your PreVeil Drive folder.

For more information on how to use PreVeil on Windows, please read Add PreVeil to Outlook and Use PreVeil in Outlook.

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