Using the PreVeil Desktop Shortcut on Windows

When you install PreVeil on Windows, PreVeil loads a shortcut to your desktop and to your Start menu.  They look like this:


NOTE: These illustrations are from a Windows PC running Windows 10.1.


This is the desktop shortcut.





This is the Start menu shortcut.




Right after PreVeil installation, you can use either of these shortcuts to get to to create your new PreVeil email account.  After you create your PreVeil email account, use either shortcut to quickly go to your PreVeil email inbox on the web.


If you are running a version of Windows where you prefer to use the new interface or touchscreen, you can pin the PreVeil shortcut to your Start apps by right-clicking on the PreVeil shortcut in your Start menu and selecting “Pin to Start.”





For more information on using PreVeil with Windows, read Add PreVeil to Outlook and Use PreVeil on Windows Outlook.

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