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Use Cases


PreVeil is an ideal tool for organizations seeking compliance for CMMC, ITAR, PCI, HITRUST and HIPAA.

Protect Sensitive Corporate Data

Store and share sensitive corporate data such as IP, HR, financial, and board communications.

Secure 3rd Party Communications

Securely communicate personal, financial, health, legal and accounting data with 3rd parties for free.

Supply Chain Collaboration

A simple supply chain collaboration tool for organizations that require the highest levels of security & compliance.

Secure Remote Work

Teleworkers can easily work on any device, anywhere using PreVeil’s encrypted Drive and Email platform.

Cyber Incident Response

Incident response teams can easily and securely communicate out-of-band from their desktop and mobile devices.

Encrypted File Sharing

PreVeil Drive is a cloud service that lets users encrypt, store and share their files.

Users can easily access these files from their computers or mobile devices and share them with others. Unlike other cloud services such as Box, Dropbox and OneDrive, PreVeil uses end-to-end encryption which ensures that only intended recipients can access their files. No one else. Drive is integrated with Mac Finder, Windows Explorer, and the PreVeil app for mobile devices.

Encrypted Email

PreVeil Drive comes with an integrated end-to-end encrypted email service with unrivaled security, privacy and ease of use.

It adds an encrypted mailbox to Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail with your existing email address. Unlike your regular email, PreVeil messages are protected from phishing, spoofing, password, server and admin attacks.

*$30 per user per month if using AWS GovCloud