Financial services professionals know all too well that they are always potential targets for cybertheft and hacking. They work where the money is, and digital thieves know it.
In just the last few weeks, Bank of America, Citibank and more have warned anew about email phishing schemes targeting bank accounts. The FBI has warned of a surge in wire transfer fraud. From Wall Street chieftains to local investment advisers emailing and sharing files with clients, the cyberthreat is clear.
The challenge for finance pros has been finding a solution that offers both top-flight security and frictionless ease of use. No one wants to inconvenience a client or slow down a deal. But no one wants cybertheft of data or dollars either.
PreVeil can help. The editors of PC Magazine have named PreVeil Editors’ Choice for its super light touch and ultra-secure solution for encrypted email and file sharing. Financial services providers alert to cybersecurity issues but wary of technical complications or client inconvenience no longer have to make a tradeoff. According to lead security analyst Neil Rubenking:

“With PreVeil, you get secure cloud storage along with secure email that’s tough enough for business but extremely easy to use, without switching to a new email address …With PreVeil, you just start using it and get world-class protection.”


PreVeil is designed for enterprises and it’s designed to keep data secure no matter what device or network a user is on. PreVeil employs “weapons-grade encryption,” in PC Magazine’s words, to ensure that only the sender and recipient are able to access messages and files. Competitors or mercenary hackers attacking the system will see only gibberish. Emails and files remain secure even if a network is compromised or a server is breached.
On the ease-of-use side of the equation, PreVeil easily integrates with your existing email. It simply layers onto your existing Gmail or Outlook 365 email account. “You create a PreVeil account and add PreVeil to your email client” writes Rubenking. PreVeil “automatically connects with Gmail and Outlook on Windows and Apple Mail under macOS. It also integrates with the native mail app on your mobile devices. That’s it.”
PreVeil Drive also enables “easy access to your cloud storage” by creating a folder in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. With Drive, your files and folders are automatically encrypted on your device and stored in the cloud. Only you and the people with whom you’ve explicitly shared files can decrypt them. Nobody else. Not even PreVeil.
For financial services providers, PreVeil’s advantages go further. As your circle of colleagues and clients using PreVeil grows, you enjoy a “trusted community” immune to email phishing, imposters and scamming. And at the heart of your digital communications, there are no passwords to be stolen and no single administrator that can attack your server. PreVeil uses cryptographic keys that only work in concert with a designated panel of holders to access the heart of the system.
For wealth managers, family offices, Wall Street deal makers, hedge fund and venture investors, and Main Street financial advisers, PreVeil is a game changer – especially in this time of remote work and social distancing. You and your clients and colleagues get the comfort of top security and simple ease of use.

“PreVeil uses security technology that’s suitable for protecting the most important business data (and complying with government regulations), but completely hides any complexity from the user.”

When the stakes are high and client relations really matter, that’s the right combination.

Don’t struggle with subpar tools. Don’t try to make clunky VPNs work, when they don’t even provide all the protection you need. Financial services require truly secure, convenient channels of communication, and PreVeil’s end-to-end encrypted email and file sharing provide exactly that. Reach out to learn more.

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