Encrypted Email & File Sharing

For Universities & K-12

Industry’s leading email and file sharing solution for NIST 800-171, DFARS 7012 and CMMC compliance.

Used by leading organizations to send and receive ITAR data in email and files with end-to-end encryption.

Protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of student records in compliance with FERPA regulations.

Encrypt, store and share data with students and external health care providers that requires HIPAA compliance.

Protects student financial aid data per NIST 800-171, in accordance with Dept. of Education guidelines.

Protects sensitive donor data and communications with the gold standard of end-to-end encryption.

Get to Know the PreVeil Platform

Encrypt, store and share files with granular access permissions on any device. Works with Windows Explorer, Mac Finder and on browsers. End-to-end encryption ensures that only intended recipients can access their files — no one else.

Send and receive end-to-end encrypted emails using your existing email address from Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, PreVeil’s mobile app or your browser.

PreVeil email and drive are also available as a free encrypted app on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

People outside of educational institutions can send and receive encrypted emails and files on their browser by creating a free PreVeil Express account in under a minute.

Why Leading Universities Choose PreVeil

Low-cost, all-inclusive license includes both secure email and files. Students and 3rd parties can access for free with PreVeil Express.

Deploys in hours using your existing email addresses and right alongside your existing Office 365, Exchange or GSuite infrastructure.

PreVeil email is seamlessly integrated with Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail. Drive works with MacFinder and Windows Explorer.

Unlike GCC High’s expensive and difficult-to-manage guest accounts, PreVeil enables 3rd parties to create free Express accounts in minutes.

Increase your SPRS Score

PreVeil has proven to be an easy-to-implement, cost-effective, all-encompassing solution, allowing for the secure storage and sharing of CUI. PreVeil has top-notch customer and technical support- submitted issues are addressed quickly and followed through to resolution.