Our Core Principles

End-to-end encryption

Encryption, where information is encrypted and decrypted on the user’s phone or computer, and never on the server.    Attacks on the server yield gibberish.  This means that nobody but intend recipients, and not even PreVeil, can read a user’s data.

No Central Point of Attack

Which means that there’s single machine or person which, if breached, will compromise an organization’s private data.

Ease of Use

Which requires that security be integrated as much as possible with the tools and apps people already use. More broadly, in a world where individual and organizational information is inevitably compromised by both malicious actors and well-intended internet companies, we aim to provide the tools that allow people to retake control over their privacy.

Meet the Team

Randy Battat

Founder & CEO

Sanjeev Verma

Founder & Chairman

Raluca Ada Popa

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Rayadurgam Ravikanth

Vice President, Engineering

Randy Battat

Founder & CEO

Sanjeev Verma

Founder & Chairman

Admiral James Stavridis

US Navy (retired)

Santo Politi

Co-Founder and General Partner of Spark Capital

Matt Green

Associate Professor, John Hopkins University

Larry Volz

Pratt & Whitney CIO, (Retired)
United Technologies Corporation

Avram Kornberg

Founder and President, Stratecution Consulting, LLC

Andrew Griffin

Corporate Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer, Charles River Laboratories