Much of today’s technology is focused on essentially building “taller walls” around data servers. But despite significant investments in security technology and practices, devastating breaches occur every day. We offer a fundamentally different security paradigm based on 3 core principles.

Encryption, where information is encrypted and decrypted on the user’s phone or computer, and never on the server.    Attacks on the server yield gibberish.  This means that nobody but intend recipients, and not even PreVeil, can read a user’s data.

Which means that there’s single machine or person which, if breached, will compromise an organization’s private data.

Which requires that security be integrated as much as possible with the tools and apps people already use. More broadly, in a world where individual and organizational information is inevitably compromised by both malicious actors and well-intended internet companies, we aim to provide the tools that allow people to retake control over their privacy.