PreVeil is a Simple, Affordable Solution for CMMC Compliance

The DoD requires all defense contractors and organizations handling Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) to meet CMMC Level 3 standards or risk becoming ineligible to bid on defense contracts. Popular email and file sharing systems like O365, GSuite, and Dropbox are not compliant with CMMC requirements.
PreVeil Email and Drive are a simple, inexpensive, and secure technology solution for storing and sharing CUI. In conjunction with appropriate policies, procedures and technologies, PreVeil can help an organization achieve CMMC Level 3 compliance without giving up their O365 or Gmail.

PreVeil Drive

PreVeil Drive lets users encrypt, store and share their files containing CUI. Users can easily access these files from their computers or mobile devices and share them with suppliers and partners. Works with Windows Explorer, Mac Finder and on browsers.


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PreVeil Email

PreVeil Email is an encrypted email service that addresses CMMC requirements for communication and storage of CUI. It adds an encrypted mailbox to Outlook and Gmail. Users can send and receive emails just like they are used to while continuing to use their existing email address.


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PreVeil is a fraction of the cost of alternatives because only users handling CUI require a low-cost, all inclusive PreVeil license. An organization’s suppliers and partners can join for free.

Easy to deploy

Unlike platforms that require expensive replacement of existing IT systems, PreVeil is easy to deploy without requiring any change to the existing IT infrastructure. There are no servers nor key servers to purchase, provision or maintain.


PreVeil provides unrivaled security for protecting CUI. All user data is secured using end-to-end encryption, which means that the information is only ever encrypted and decrypted on a user’s device -never on the server. In addition, CUI cannot be accessed with stolen passwords nor by using a compromised administrator’s credentials. An organization can also restrict the flow of CUI to their trusted partners and suppliers.


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PreVeil’s encrypted Email and Drive, when combined with relevant policies and procedures, enables an organization to meet the CMMC Level 3 Compliance requirements. PreVeil encrypts and stores all CUI on AWS Gov Cloud.
In addition, the same technology can also be used to comply with NIST 800-171, DFARS 252-2014-7012, and ITAR.
Our CMMC whitepaper details the individual CMMC controls and how PreVeil helps organizations address them.

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Supply Chain Communication

PreVeil is also an ideal tool for collaborating with suppliers. It can even be used for exchanging ITAR data. Contractors can set granular permissions such as read only or view only to maintain control and visibility over their data. They can revoke access anytime by unsharing. Best of all, PreVeil can be downloaded for free by subcontractors. Primes can be assured their supply chain is compliant and secure.


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Case Study

A Midwest parts supplier with 250 employees is faced with the challenge of meeting the DoD’s CMMC requirements. Download the Case Study to learn how PreVeil helped them meet their compliance goals at a lower cost.


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Choosing PreVeil was 100% the best decision we made. They are implementing more and more features and add-ons monthly. The pricing is extremely fair, the customer support from both an account management and technical support aspects are top notch.

-CIO at U.S. Defense Contractor


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