Enabling ITAR Compliance

Traditional systems for managing ITAR data in the cloud have been both expensive and difficult to use. However the new State Department ruling § 120.54 allows organizations to more easily share ITAR data using cloud services so long as it is end-to-end encrypted and no third party can decrypt the information.
PreVeil’s end-to-end encrypted Email and Drive meet these requirements for data security and key management.

PreVeil Drive

PreVeil Drive lets users encrypt, store and share their files containing ITAR data. Users can easily access these files from their computers or mobile devices and share them with others. Works with Windows Explorer, Mac Finder and on browsers.


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PreVeil Email

PreVeil Email is an encrypted email service that meets the U.S. State Department’s requirements for communication and storage of ITAR data. Users can send and receive encrypted, ITAR emails from this mailbox with their existing email address just like they are used to.


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PreVeil provides users with a simple, inexpensive license that enables them to send, share and store ITAR data. In addition, the platform can be downloaded for free by recipients outside the organization.

Easy to deploy

PreVeil is easy to deploy without requiring any changes to an organization’s existing IT infrastructure. There are no servers nor key servers to purchase, provision or maintain.


PreVeil provides unrivaled security for ITAR data. It is secured using end-to-end encryption, which means that the information is only ever encrypted and decrypted on a user’s device – never on the server. In accordance with ITAR regulations, no third party has access to keys, network access codes, or passwords to enable decryption – not even PreVeil. Data cannot be accessed by using a compromised administrator’s credentials. An organization can further restrict the flow of ITAR data to a trusted group of individuals and organizations.


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In addition to protecting ITAR, the same PreVeil platform can be used to store and share Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) subject to CMMC regulations. All CUI and ITAR data are stored encrypted on AWS Gov Cloud.


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Supply Chain Communication

PreVeil is also an ideal tool for collaborating with suppliers. It can also be used for exchanging Controlled Unclassified Information subject to CMMC requirements. PreVeil provides contractors with granular control and visibility over their data and can be downloaded for free by suppliers. This gives an organization an unparalleled opportunity to comply with regulations—and likewise, protect and preserve their supply chain continuity.


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