PreVeil Security

Most cloud and on premise email and storage systems have fundamental security vulnerabilities.

Devastating Server Attacks

Google, Microsoft, Box, Dropbox, and on premises enterprise servers have complete access to your information. So do the hackers who breach them. That means that your entire organization can be compromised.


End-to-end encryption

Your information is protected with end-to-end encryption, meaning that only you can access it. PreVeil servers can never read your data because it’s always encrypted. Neither can hackers. Attacks on PreVeil servers only yield encrypted gibberish.

Administrator Breaches

Hijacked or rogue administrators represent a huge threat because they have broad privileges to access an enterprise’s information. A single compromised administrator can bring down an entire organization.

Approval Groups ™

PreVeil’s Approval Groups™ distribute trust amongst a set of administrators so no single person can compromise the entire enterprise. Privileged activities are enabled only after receiving cryptographic authorization from a pre-determined set of administrators.

Password Breaches

Passwords are a headache for users and can be guessed or stolen from cloud service providers. Compromised passwords can be used to access user accounts from anywhere.

No Passwords

PreVeil users don’t need to remember or manage passwords. Access to accounts is protected with encryption keys that are only stored on user devices. Unlike passwords, these keys can’t be guessed or stolen from PreVeil servers. Your account can only be accessed from devices that have your key.