Last updated 04/06/2017

We will never sell your information, data, or anything else you share with us – ever.

PreVeil provides end-to-end encrypted applications for communication and collaboration. Unlike other collaboration services, PreVeil is not in the business of selling advertising or marketing information about our users.  PreVeil will never sell information about you to anyone.

The information that PreVeil sees is listed below.


Email Address

We will acknowledge that your email address (with associated name) is a member of the PreVeil system in order to make it easier for PreVeil members to find each other.  If you find that someone is abusing this capability, please let us know.

Encrypted Data

PreVeil uses end-to-end encryption to protect your information.  Because your information (emails, documents, etc.) is not stored on our servers in encrypted form, and because PreVeil servers do not have access to the keys to this encrypted data, PreVeil cannot decrypt or otherwise read the content of your information. Even upon request from a governmental agency or a court of law, PreVeil will not be not able to decrypt your data.

Using PreVeil’s patent-pending approval group technology, organizations and individuals can provide selected groups of individuals – most often IT administrators – with the ability to retrieve chosen sets of data upon request of the user or the data’s associated approval group. This mechanism is most often used for user account recovery and data export to comply with the legal discovery process. PreVeil ensures that the owner of any data item will have full visibility and control as to how these retrieval mechanisms are configured for the data they own (meaning that if an IT administrator’s approval group can reconstitute a user’s key for recovery purposes, that user will be able to view that the group is capable of doing so).


In order to understand how the PreVeil platform is used and to provide better service experience, PreVeil counts and aggregates information pertaining to system use. This metadata is only generated after your information has been encrypted.

Examples of metadata include the number of emails sent per day, the amount of storage used per individual, and the number of devices used per user. The PreVeil system automatically uses this metadata to notify users if they exceed their storage limits or other thresholds based on their plan. This metadata will be used strictly to improve the system performance and will never be sold to any third party. In no way does this metadata enable PreVeil to decrypt the contents of the underlying data.


If you have any questions or concerns about PreVeil, please contact us at [email protected].