Encrypted Email and File Sharing

Current email and file sharing solutions in the market are insufficient for protecting the data of Aerospace & Defense suppliers found in email and files. Commercial Office 365, Gmail and Box do not meet federal requirements for protecting CUI.

PreVeil Email is an encrypted email service that addresses DoD requirements for security and privacy. It adds an encrypted mailbox to Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail without changing your email address. PreVeil Drive lets users encrypt, store and share their files. Users can easily access these files from their computers or mobile devices and share them with others.

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End-to-end encryption to protect sensitive data

PreVeil uses end-to-end encryption which ensures that only intended recipients — and no one else — can access data.

Rather than relying on passwords, PreVeil uses cryptographic keys stored on user devices to authenticate users. Privileged activities such as accessing user keys and corporate data requires cryptographic authorization from a pre-determined set of administrators. The Trusted Communities feature allows administrators to restrict communication to white-listed domains and email addresses, ensuring that only members of a trusted community can exchange email and files.

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Organizations dealing with CUI need to be compliant with DFARS 7012 and NIST 800-171.

In addition the Department of Defense is requiring all companies that are part of the Defense Industrial Base — and their suppliers — be compliant with the Cybersecurity Maturity Metric Certification starting 2020. PreVeil’s encrypted Email and Drive support compliance with virtually all of the CMMC mandates related to the communication and storage of CUI.

Furthermore, PreVeil can be used to communicate and store information subject to ITAR rules. Per DoD regulations, data that is encrypted with end-to-end encryption is not considered to be exported when transiting other jurisdictions.

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Use Cases

Supply chain:. Many A&D companies use PreVeil to exchange CUI with their suppliers, customers and partners.

Incident response:. When attack occurs, internal systems are not trustworthy. PreVeil is a secure, out-of-band, reliable, and easy-to-use tool for cyber incident response teams.

Internal teams: Many departments in A&D companies use PreVeil to protect sensitive internal information, such as executive level communications, human resource data, and corporate development and M&A plans.

Secure email and file sharing

Cost Effective & Easy to Deploy

PreVeil’s email and Drive service is a fraction of the cost of alternatives. It only needs to be deployed to those users handling CUI whereas alternatives require deployment across an entire organization. PreVeil requires no integration with existing mail and file servers making configuration and deployment simple and inexpensive.

Ease of use

PreVeil is easy for end users to adopt because it works with the tools they already use. Email can be integrated with Outlook, Gmail, or Apple Mail clients. File sharing works like DropBox and is integrated with the Windows File Explorer and the Macintosh Finder

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