Therapists face the critical task of managing sensitive information with the utmost care, especially when this information is subject to stringent privacy regulations like FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). The challenge intensifies with the necessity to communicate this information securely to clients and third parties. Traditional communication and file-sharing solutions often present a complex, costly, and cumbersome path to compliance, posing significant financial and reputational risks for non-compliance.

Enter PreVeil, an innovative solution designed to address these challenges. PreVeil offers a seamless, end-to-end encrypted email and file-sharing solution that simplifies compliance, enhances security, and ensures ease of use, all at an affordable price.

The PreVeil Suite: A Closer Look

PreVeil Email

PreVeil Email provides therapists with a secure method to communicate with clients, utilizing their existing email addresses. It integrates effortlessly with popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail, offering a familiar experience that requires minimal adjustment.

PreVeil Drive

PreVeil Drive is an encrypted file synchronization and sharing system that operates similarly to well-known services like Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox. However, it stands apart with its robust end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only authorized parties can access the shared files and folders.

Mobile Application

The PreVeil mobile application extends the convenience of secure communication and file sharing to iOS and Android devices. It supports secure access through biometric authentication or passcodes, providing therapists and their clients with flexibility and security on the go.

PreVeil Express Free Accounts

PreVeil Express allows clients to quickly adopt PreVeil’s services, providing them with an integrated email and file drive web application accessible from their browser. This ensures that all sensitive data remains encrypted and under the control of the user.

User Experience Demo

Watch this 2 minute video to see the Therapist and Client User experience with PreVeil:

Benefits of PreVeil

Simple to Use

PreVeil is lauded for its seamless integration into existing workflows. Its email service works within popular clients like Outlook or Gmail, and PreVeil Drive boasts a familiar user interface, mirroring the ease of use found in services like Google Drive. Clients can join for free, enjoying the benefits of an encrypted email and file drive without additional costs.

Compliant and Secure

PreVeil’s end-to-end encryption ensures that sensitive data is accessible only to its intended recipients, surpassing the compliance requirements for both HIPAA and FERPA. Its adoption by defense contractors for securing data further attests to its compliance and security prowess. For more details on compliance, read our HIPAA and FERPA blogs. 


A single, all-inclusive license covers both email and file storage/sharing at $25/month, with clients being able to join for free. This model presents a stark contrast to the expensive and complex alternatives currently available.

Easy to Deploy

Deploying PreVeil alongside existing O365, Exchange, or GSuite systems is straightforward, ensuring no disruption to current IT infrastructure. This ease of deployment allows therapists to focus more on their core responsibilities rather than on IT concerns.


PreVeil’s unique blend of security, compliance, usability, and affordability makes it an exemplary choice for therapists navigating the complexities of communicating sensitive information. By choosing PreVeil, therapists can dedicate their efforts to providing quality care, assured that their communication and file-sharing practices meet the highest standards of privacy security and compliance.