The NFL Draft has gone virtual in the year of Covid-19 and “shelter in place.” Immediately, cybersecurity concerns are front and center – and rightly so. The stakes are high. The time is short. It’s a case study in what PreVeil can do, quickly and easily, to secure the communications of a widely-dispersed organization in its critical functions.
The NFL Draft is one of the biggest sports spectacles of the year. It was planned to be held in Las Vegas, April 23-25. Big drama. Nationally televised. Lots of key people and months of secret strategy invested in bringing home top talent to teams all over the country.
Then came an April 6 memo from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and the world learned the 2020 draft would be “fully virtual” with every coach and general manager working it from their own home. No conference halls full of scouts, coaches and executives this year. Goodell wrote:
“Clubs have been advised to conduct the 2020 draft entirely outside of their facilities and in a fully virtual format, with club personnel in separate locations and able to communicate with one another and Draft headquarters by phone or internet.”
It was the right move as the whole country pitches in to tamp down the coronavirus. CEOs everywhere have faced the same sudden dispersal of key people and events. As they step up, so does the digital security challenge. Tools from Gmail to Outlook to – it turns out – Zoom were not made for the kind of security key communications require.
NFL coaches felt it right away.
“It’s a big concern,“ Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh told reporters. “Every time I read something in the Wall Street Journal or The New York Times that talks about how messed up Zoom is, or some of these other deals, I immediately text it out to our IT people… and they assure me they are doing everything humanly possible.”
PreVeil’s end-to-end encryption for email and file-sharing was made for exactly this kind of challenge. Nobody wants snooping, hacking, Zoom-bombing, or spear-phishing on key business communication or something as big as the NFL Draft.

PreVeil file sharing
In minutes, PreVeil’s encryption can be deployed on laptops and smartphones. Users’ regular email addresses don’t change, but their communications are instantly impenetrable to anyone outside a designated “trusted community.”

PreVeil email
Spear-phishers can’t get in. Hackers can’t steal passwords – there are no passwords with PreVeil, only crypto keys unique to individual devices. System administrators can’t go rogue. It takes consent from a full core group to get into the system. And even if a server is breached, an attacker would see only gibberish. Only a sender and trusted recipient can read these emails. Even PreVeil cannot.
For the NFL, each team could have its own private “trusted community” of coaches, scouts, execs. PreVeil email is absolutely simple to use, like WhatsApp but made for enterprise-level work. PreVeil Drive file-sharing is like DropBox, but with far higher security.
Extraordinary times call for extraordinary responses. PreVeil is light-footprint, ultra-secure and quickly deployable. Whether you’re in professional sports, defense, law, finance or healthcare – when the stakes are high, PreVeil is ready to bring the digital security your organization needs.
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