The DoD has made clear that CMMC will be in contracts by mid 2024. How are you preparing?

Join us for PreVeil’s 4th Annual Virtual CMMC Summit on November 1st, 11am – 5:30 pm ET to hear from thought leaders from across the DoD and industry. Dr. Ron Ross (author of NIST 800-171), Dr. Jyoti Malhotra (MEP Division Chief at NIST), Matt Travis (CEO of CMMC-AB), DIBCAC officials, and C3PAOs will discuss:

  • How NIST 800-171 rev3 will impact CMMC
  • What C3PAOs will look for in an assessment of your organization
  • Why Primes are putting increased compliance pressure on their subcontractors and how these organizations should react.

Attendance is free. So don’t miss this incredible opportunity to hear from top speakers and learn how to facilitate your compliance journey. Sign up today!

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