PreVeil's end-to-end encryption uses encryption keys which are better than passwords because keys cannot be guessed or stolen from another website.

Your Private Key

Your private key is a very big number—about 77 digits long—that is is virtually impossible to guess and is created when you set up your PreVeil account. There’s one private key for each email account you set up in the PreVeil system. If you’ve set up two email addresses (for example for personal and work emails) then you will have two private keys.

Your private key provides much stronger protection than a password and can't be guessed or stolen from another website.

What Your Key Does

Your private key is very important because it enables access to all of your encrypted information. Without it, you can’t read or send emails. The PreVeil system doesn’t use passwords; your private key is what authorizes access to your information.

Where Your Key is Kept

A copy of your private key is stored on each computer or phone that you’ve authorized for PreVeil. No copy of this key exists anywhere else, not even at PreVeil.

PreVeil's end-to-end encryption works by only keeping your private key on your devices - never on the server.

Using PreVeil on Multiple Devices

Each phone or computer must contain your private key in order to use PreVeil. You can add your key to a new device after installing PreVeil. To do so, you must have access to a phone or computer that already has your private key installed. During installation on the new device, you’ll be guided through the process of “transferring your account” (i.e. transferring a copy of your private key) from the old device.

PreVeil's end-to-end encryption lets you use multiple devices by letting you securely copy your private key onto your other devices.
PreVeil's Approval Group technology can be used to reconstitute private keys. PreVeil never centralizes keys and provides uncompromising end-to-end encryption.

Your Recovery Group

A recovery group is a set of PreVeil users who can help you recover your private key in the event that you’ve lost all your phones and computers that have PreVeil installed on them (i.e. you’ve lost all copies of your private key).

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