A Midwest parts supplier with 250 employees and $100M+ per year in annual revenue was faced with the challenge of meeting the DoD’s cybersecurity compliance requirements. If the company could not quickly come up with a cost-effective way to improve its cybersecurity hygiene and properly protect Controlled Unclassified Information (“CUI”), its revenue base would be at significant risk.

Fortunately, the CIO learned about PreVeil for Gov Community offering which is hosted on AWS Gov Cloud and found that it could effectively and economically support the company’s DoD cybersecurity compliance efforts. PreVeil’s strengths were:

VERY AFFORDABLE: PreVeil was a fraction of the cost of GCC High, required no up-front implementation fees, and only required paid licenses for those employees who used it. This reduced the TCO by $150-200K over a 3-year horizon.

MINIMAL BUSINESS DISRUPTION: PreVeil was deployed in weeks to only those employees and divisions subject to DoD regulations. No company-wide migration was necessary. They also did not need to overhaul their existing infrastructure.

FUNDAMENTALLY BETTER CYBERSECURITY: Built with end-to-end encryption and device based cryptographic authentication, PreVeil’s platform provides exceptional protection and control for email and files containing CUI, both within their company and with their suppliers.

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