• Bernhard Bock- CISO @ SysArc
  • Padraic O’Reilly- Co-founder @ CyberSaint
  • Sanjeev Verma – Co-founder @PreVeil
  • Stuart Itkin – CEO @Cycurity Advisors

This webinar focused on helping defense Primes and contractors understand the DFARS Interim rule and its implications for their CMMC strategy. The webinar featured Bernhard Bock (CISO @SysArc) who just finished his Provisional Assessor training and was able to explain to viewers what the Interim Rule requires of contractors. Padraic O’Reilly (Co-founder @Cybersaint) also presented and discussed how defense companies can determine, remediate and maintain their NIST and CMMC compliance score. Sanjeev Verma closed out the webinar by providing attendees a look at how the choice of the right technology is critical to demonstrating the maturity required by the Interim Rule as well as enabling CMMC compliance.

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