Encrypted Email

PreVeil Email is an end-to-end encrypted mail service with unrivaled security, privacy and ease of use.

It adds an encrypted mailbox to Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail with your existing email address. Unlike your regular email, PreVeil messages are protected from phishing, spoofing, password, server, and admin attacks.


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Encrypted File Sharing

PreVeil Drive is a cloud service that lets users encrypt, store and share their files.

Users can easily access these files from their computers or mobile devices and share them with others. Unlike other cloud services such as Box, Dropbox and OneDrive, PreVeil uses end-to-end encryption which ensures that only intended recipients can access their files. No one else. Drive is integrated with Mac Finder, Windows Explorer, and the PreVeil app for mobile devices.

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Built for Teams.



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Best Solution for Addressing  CMMC & ITAR Requirements

The best security, the best economics, and the fastest deployment to comply with CMMC & ITAR requirements.

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High Risk Teams and User Groups

PreVeil provides fundamentally better security to protect sensitive data, communications, and CUI.

Suppliers, Partners, and Customers

Control, monitor, and revoke access to sensitive files and trusted communications with external parties.

IT and Cyber Incident Response

When under attack, you should assume your existing systems may be compromised. PreVeil enables cross-functional stakeholders to securely communicate out of band, via desktop and mobile devices.

Security Is the Key.

The security architecture of email and file sharing systems is fundamentally flawed. Despite the industry’s best efforts, these systems remain vulnerable to phishing, spoofing and password attacks and are routinely compromised by attacks on administrators and servers.

PreVeil was architected from the ground up to address cybersecurity’s most fundamental challenge: securing information without relying on measures to keep hackers out.


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