Protect Your Business Data with PreVeil

“With PreVeil, you get secure cloud storage along with secure email that’s tough enough for business but extremely easy to use…”

Simply drag and drop your files and folders into PreVeil Drive. They are automatically encrypted and stored in the cloud. Access them from any mobile device, tablet or computer. Securely share and collaborate with suppliers and partners.

PreVeil retains all prior versions of your files, letting you restore your data to an uncorrupted version in the event of a ransomware attack. Data is never lost.

Attackers frequently steal data and files by hacking passwords. With PreVeil, there are no passwords to guess or steal. Instead, PreVeil uses secret keys stored on your devices so only you can access your information – and no one else. Not hackers. Not even PreVeil!

Data on PreVeil servers always stays encrypted with military grade encryption and can only be decrypted on users’ devices. Unlike other cloud services, even if attackers breach the server, they only get gibberish. No one but the intended recipient can read users’ files and emails – not even PreVeil.

Hijacked or rogue administrators represent a significant risk because they have broad privileges to access an enterprise’s information. With PreVeil’s Approval Group technology, data is secure even if an admin is compromised because they are required to get authorization from other people before accessing users’ data.

Put all your data in PreVeil to keep it secure. All data is automatically stored on Amazon Cloud. A fixed monthly price gives you all the storage you need.

PreVeil also comes with simple, encrypted email so you can communicate securely with others inside and outside your organization. You can easily send and receive PreVeil emails from Outlook or Gmail using your existing email address. Unlike regular email, PreVeil’s encrypted emails are protected from phishing, spoofing, ransomware, password, server and admin attacks.