If you like easy-to-use cloud storage, but you’re worried about whether your information is safe, try PreVeil Drive.  You already know that cloud storage services like DropBox, Box, and others make it easy to store and share lots of information and access it anywhere.  What you may not know is that  these services have inherent vulnerabilities that risk the protection of your data.  PreVeil Drive is an encrypted cloud storage service using end-to-end encryption, which is the gold standard in protection.


The Gold Standard.  PreVeil’s end-to-end encryption means that information is encrypted on your phone or computer before being sent to the cloud.  It never gets decrypted until it reaches a recipient’s device.  Nobody, not even PreVeil, can read your data because only you (and those with whom you share) have access to the decryption keys.


Other services encrypt only in transit – the fraction of a second that information is transferred over the Internet — or at rest during storage.  But these systems — including Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, and Box — all “read” user data at one time or another.  This means they’re vulnerable to an attack on their servers – whether it’s due to a software vulnerability or a compromised user or administrator.


PreVeil’s end-to-end encryption means the bad guys can’t steal what they can’t see.


Protecting Administrators.  PreVeil is designed to eliminate central points of attack, including administrators with super-user privileges. IT can still access encrypted corporate information and recover user keys using Approval Groups. They are the cryptographic equivalent of giving fragments of your house key to your neighbors. No single neighbor can access your house, but if you lose your key, your group of neighbors can get you back in.


No passwords.  Your data is secured by something much better — encryption keys that belong only to you. Your “private key” is your gateway to the PreVeil system. It’s stored only on your devices and is not accessible anywhere else. Unlike passwords, private keys cannot be guessed by a computer algorithm or stolen from another website.


Perfection isn’t practical.  IT best practices include keeping up with the latest software patches, using strong passwords that are continuously updated, and adopting strict policies and procedures to control critical access to systems and data.  But what if on organization isn’t perfect?  What if a patch is missed, a password isn’t secured, or an admin is compromised?  PreVeil can protect an organization’s data even when the server is breached.


Ease of use.  PreVeil is as easy to use as DropBox.  There’s a PreVeil Drive folder on your computer.  Just drag files and folders and drop them into PreVeil Drive, or save them directly from your favorite application, and your information is automatically encrypted and stored on PreVeil’s secure cloud servers.  All your files are available at any time on any of your computers, smartphones, or tablets. Any changes you make to your files are automatically synced to all your devices.


Encrypted sharing.  You can easily invite others to view or edit your encrypted files.  If you share with someone who isn’t yet a PreVeil member, they’ll be automatically invited to join and install the app for free.  PreVeil Drive also allows you to easily set up encrypted data rooms and procurement portals where you can track activity but participants cannot see each other.


Try PreVeil For Free.  For a limited time, people and organizations that sign up for PreVeil Drive can get 1 GB of storage for free.  It’s super easy to install, use, and share.  To get started, try the PreVeil app for iOS or Android in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  Or download PreVeil on your Windows or Mac computer by visiting www.preveil.com.