PreVeil Email is now available as a public beta release. Please download PreVeil to get started. Here’s what you need to know:


End to End Encryption


PreVeil Email is a service that allows you to send encrypted messages to other PreVeil users. Every email and attachment is encrypted before it leaves your phone or computer and isn’t decrypted until it reaches its destination. Neither PreVeil nor any third party can decrypt your email because only you have the decryption keys. Since your email is never decrypted in the cloud, you are protected even if the cloud is breached.


Uses your existing Email address


Just as some apps use a person’s phone number to identify each user, PreVeil uses your email address.  That can be your personal email address (like Gmail) or your work email address.


No Passwords


Your data is secured by something much better — encryption keys that belong only to you. Your “private key” is your gateway to the PreVeil system. It’s stored only on your devices, and it’s not accessible anywhere else. Unlike passwords, private keys cannot be guessed by a computer algorithm or stolen from another website. More information about your private key and how to keep it safe is available here.


Stored Encrypted on PreVeil’s Cloud Servers


Your encrypted emails are stored on PreVeil’s servers – not on the servers owned by your personal or work email provider.  Unlike other email systems, PreVeil is designed to protect your information even if its servers are compromised.


Emailing someone who’s not a PreVeil member


If you send a message to people who are not PreVeil members, they’ll automatically be invited to join for free.  Alternatively, you can encourage them to sign up for PreVeil by visiting or downloading from the Apple App Store.


Easy Access from Mac and PC


After installing the PreVeil software on your computer, you can access your email from a web browser or through popular mail applications like Outlook and Apple Mail. When you use Outlook or Apple Mail, PreVeil automatically adds a new INBOX for your encrypted messages. When you send and receive from the PreVeil mailboxes, the emails are encrypted and secure.


Free for Basic Use


PreVeil is free for all users, but advanced features and additional storage will be available to paid users.


Committed to Privacy


PreVeil does not have access to your email data. Furthermore, PreVeil will never sell any information or data you share with us – ever. Read more here.


Release Notes


PreVeil is no longer in Beta as of August 2018.


We’d love to hear from you at [email protected].


– The PreVeil Team