Overview of PreVeil 5.0

We strive to deliver world-class information security that our customers love to use. PreVeil is very excited to announce big user interface improvements available today.

These changes are far more than a beautiful new look and layout- they also represent significant improvements in speed, scalability, and overall usability throughout the entire design. We have taken everything that we have learned from our customers and partners and have folded in a set of enhancements that users will appreciate across the entire interface.

Benefits of 5.0

  • 5x faster; just about every interaction happens in the blink of an eye
  • Email compose window is responsive and larger
  • Menus are responsive and data columns are sortable
  • Progress bars and other status indicators for clear feedback
  • Drive UI for sharing, exploring, moving, and syncing is redesigned

To see the complete list of changes and video clips, visit our Support page.

Here’s a peak of our 5.0 design:

Available Now!

The new user interface launched on the PreVeil Express browser last month, and desktop apps for Windows and Mac launched today (click the button below to download)! The updates will happen automatically for existing users in the coming months.