New PreVeil Features to Improve CUI Protection + Simplify Your Workflows

PreVeil Drive: Cloud-based file editing

Many PreVeil customers want to avoid or limit the number of files that are synced locally to users’ devices because of storage limitations, or compliance concerns. But how does a user easily edit and update and sync changes to a shared file without a local copy to work from? The answer is PreVeil’s new cloud-based file edit feature. This enables users to edit any file type that their local device can support without storing a permanent local copy of that file.

How it works: For any file that a user has access to in the PreVeil Cloud, they simply click the Edit option in the PreVeil desktop app and the system will fetch the encrypted latest version of the file from the Cloud, automatically edit-lock and decrypt the file into a temporary file space and open it in the registered editor for that type of file (Word doc for example) The user completes their changes and the entire process works in reverse; automatically encrypting the new version, unlocking it, syncing to the Cloud, and destroying the temporary copy. The user has nothing stored locally, and the new version is available to all authorized users. [screen shot]


Outlook Add-in: Auto-encrypt messages based on keywords, plus auto update

Did you know that PreVeil offers an Outlook add-in to enhance the user experience for people who use PreVeil inside Outlook? PreVeil integrates with Outlook using a single click, to add your PreVeil encrypted mailbox alongside your regular unsecure mail. Installing the optional Outlook add-in after that provides additional capabilities, including a large banner to show user when messages are encrypted and a button to easily switch any message between encrypted or unsecured mode.

What’s new: The new feature introduces the ability for the add-in to automatically switch to encrypted mode whenever a predefined keyword appears in the Subject line of any Outlook message. For example, if your Subject includes CUI, or ITAR, or Secure, etc. the add-in will make sure it is in encrypted mode before sending. Plus, all the PreVeil add-ins now support an automatic update feature that makes supporting future changes to the add-ins simple for users.


M365 Office Add-ins: Unified installer, plus auto update

PreVeil offers three add-ins for the M365 Office apps Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. To prevent conflicts, these add-ins automatically edit-lock and unlock PreVeil Drive files synced locally for users who are collaborating with others on shared files. These add-ins provide a banner informing the editor and other users about who has the file edit-locked currently.  [screen shot]

What’s new: The three M365 Office add-ins for PreVeil are now unified into a single installer, now it is one simple install to enable all 3 applications. Plus, all the PreVeil add-ins now support an automatic update feature that makes supporting future changes to the add-ins simple for users.


PreVeil Admins: Health Check report

PreVeil helps users and admins manage some important workflows including account recovery, data export, and inviting new users to an Org. We have seen that sometimes these workflows can experience expiration or other issues due to user inaction or error; so, we are introducing an automated Admin Health check message feature.

How it works: PreVeil system will send admins an automated message when workflow trouble conditions exist that require their attention. These conditions could include users without recovery groups assigned, or expired requests for approvals or recovery, expired invitations that need to be resent. These bulletins will only happen when actions are required and will help the PreVeil admins stay on top of any potential delays when completing important tasks in PreVeil.




























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