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Your Organization’s PreVeil admin has invited you to download PreVeil software and claim your account.

With just a few clicks, you will be on your way to having military-grade data security that’s easy to use with your colleagues and anyone else that you need to work with securely.


PreVeil Desktop Account

Click below to download and install your PreVeil software. The platform integrates seamlessly with your Outlook, GMail File Explorer or Mac Finder. You can quickly and easily begin sending messages and sharing files with complete end-to-end security and privacy. Invite others to join PreVeil for free. Contact your Organization’s PreVeil admin if you encounter any problems.


PreVeil Express Account

If your Organization’s admin has instructed you to create a PreVeil Express account instead of installing the full version, click here. Be sure to protect your Express password because PreVeil cannot change or recover the password for you if it is forgotten.