PreVeil for Organizations

Enterprise-ready features

IT administrators can create, modify, and delete users and groups, as well as set organization-wide data and recovery policies. Device management controls let admins disable lost or stolen devices quickly.

No single administrator can compromise an entire organization, for example by exporting messages or files, without authorization from others.

You can access PreVeil Drive from a browser without requiring any software installation. This is helpful if you or people in organizations you share with are prevented from downloading and installing software on their computers.

They can view activity logs and decrypt and export user data with permission from an Approval Group.

For regulated industries, PreVeil supports automatic email archival to services such as Global Relay.

PC Magazine Best Encrypted Email and File Sharing

“With PreVeil, you get … end-to-end encrypted secure cloud storage along with secure email that’s tough enough for business but extremely easy to use, all while keeping your existing email address.”