KEYNOTE: State of the Union for CMMC


  • Robert Metzger – Leading attorney in cybersecurity and supply chain. Co-author of MITRE “Deliver Uncompromised” Report.
  • Charles Carmakal – SVP and CTO @Mandiant Consulting
  • Lieutenant General Ed Cardon – Frmr. Head US Army Cyber command

In this excellent keynote, Robert Metzger provided an in-depth update on the CMMC program as well as advice on the steps defense contractors should be taking to prepare for CMMC compliance.

Charles Carmakal provided an overview of recent cybersecurity threats, how sophisticated attackers are able to access sensitive data such as CUI and potential remediation opportunities.

Lt. General Cardon discussed the threat to national defense by nation state actors and the importance of frameworks like CMMC to ensuring protection for sensitive defense data.