Securing the Supply Chain for Defense Contractors and Suppliers

The Defense Industrial Base (DIB) is a complex supply chain comprised of 300,000 primes and subcontractors that need to share sensitive files and communicate securely to get their work done. Cybercriminals know that prime defense contractors are well protected—and that the cybersecurity capabilities of DIB subcontractors vary widely. Hackers save themselves time and effort by going after the subcontractors, typically six or seven levels down the supply chain from the primes.
The DoD is well aware of these tactics and so is focused on better defending the vast attack surface that the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) presents to adversaries. Clearly, it’s in the best interests of prime contractors, too, to secure their supply chain so they can continue to do DoD work without disruption.
This white paper outlines key considerations to keep in mind when assessing solutions to secure the supply chain, including:

  • Uncompromised security
  • Ease of deployment
  • Simplicity of use
  • Compliance with federal regulations, including CMMC
  • Cost effectiveness

The prime contractors should use this white paper as a way to better understand the vulnerability of their suppliers as well as ways they can ensure secure communications with these members of the DIB.

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