As the assessment branch of the DoD, DIBCAC (DoD Industrial Base Cybersecurity Assessment Center) has conducted hundreds of defense contractor assessments against NIST 800-171, DFARS 7012 and FedRAMP. DIBCAC knows the challenges organizations face in meeting these compliance requirements. What compliance lessons can you learn from DIBCAC to help ensure your own compliance success?

In this webinar, PreVeil hosted Fabricio Corrales (Cybersecurity Assessment Chief at DIBCAC) to discuss what DIBCAC looks for in their compliance reviews as well as lessons learned from their past assessments. We discussed:

  • How DIBCAC assesses DFARS 7012 (NIST 800-171 + c-g)
  • DIBCAC’s role in CMMC/ Joint Surveillance Assessments (JSVA) and compliance lessons learned
  • How DIBCAC determines if a cloud service provider meets FedRAMP Moderate or Equivalent standards