THE ALARMING PACE of cyber and ransomware attacks has attracted attention at the nation’s highest levels and throughout our public and private sectors. Prominent examples abound such as the 2021 Colonial Pipeline attack by an Eastern European group in May 2021 which exposed the remarkable vulnerability of US infrastructure. Additionally, the Kaseya software attack by the Russia-based group REvil in July 2021 affected some 1,500 companies in 17 countries.
In this important whitepaper for small to mid-size businesses, we highlight how small businesses- from doctors’ offices and law firms to electricians and plumbers – can protect their data from ransomware and ensure backup protection by deploying PreVeil. These companies can benefit from the same military grade file sharing and email used by hundreds of defense contractors.
By deploying PreVeil, these businesses can:

  • Neutralize ransomware attacks
  • Eliminate password theft
  • Ensure server breaches only yield gibberish
  • Secure data even if administrators are compromised

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