By Raluca Ada Popa


As you may have heard, PreVeil has recently released its encrypted document sharing system, PreVeil Drive, which enables businesses to use end-to-end encryption to protect their files and store, share, and access them from anywhere.


End-to-end encryption is a more effective security mechanism than in-transit or at-rest encryption, because it protects against attackers who steal the data on your server. Because your information is encrypted on your phone or computer before being sent to the cloud, and remains encrypted until it reaches a recipient’s device, hackers can’t read the data they may have stolen from the cloud.


Applications such as WhatsApp and Signal are currently using end-to-end encryption, but limiting end-to-end to simple messaging applications isn’t enough. Particularly when it regards the sensitive data shared by businesses, end-to-end encryption should be used for every application, across the enterprise. And that’s where PreVeil Drive comes in. Applying end-to-end encryption to document sharing systems such as DropBox and Box in a usable way has posed a challenging technical problem – users can edit documents as well as add or remove access to other users, which greatly complicates managing keys and encrypted data in a secure and usable way.


I view PreVeil Drive as a critical milestone for end-to-end encryption: it pushes protection beyond simple messaging applications to richer applications like file sharing.


Moreover, the end-to-end encryption in PreVeil Drive works in concert with two core security features that enhance its effectiveness: no central point of trust where an attack on a single administrator cannot bring down an entire organization, and no need to create or remember any passwords, which are a major security risk. PreVeil Drive is free and as easy to use as Dropbox. Simply drag and drop files to the PreVeil Drive folder, or save files directly from another application.


You can be up and running in just minutes. Learn more here, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!