Industry leader PC Magazine has named PreVeil as its Editors’ Choice for encrypted email and file sharing – Number One in the most coveted technology for top security in digital communication. Here’s why:

“Weapons-grade encryption”

End-to-end encryption is the gold standard of cybersecurity. With end-to-end encryption, only the sender of a message and its intended recipients are able to view it. Anyone else will only see gibberish, a scramble of characters too complicated for even the most advanced computers to crack. That means hackers, overreaching governments, or even PreVeil itself cannot access your data. You control it completely. PC Magazine celebrates PreVeil’s “weapons grade encryption.”

“PreVeil uses security technology that’s suitable for protecting the most important business data (and complying with government regulations), but completely hides any complexity from the user,” writes PC Magazine lead security analyst Neil Rubenking. “With PreVeil, you just start using it and get world-class protection.”

Super ease of use

One of the most frequently cited reasons executives give for sub-par cybersecurity is that switching legacy systems over to something more secure is too onerous. It’s expensive. It takes a lot of time and training. IT will be swamped with support requests from confused, frustrated employees. If it’s too complicated, employees won’t use it.

Not with PreVeil. “After hearing about the high-end cryptographic technology embodied by this program, you might expect it’d require a PhD to operate” writes Rubenking. “Nothing could be farther from the truth, as I found when I set it up.” With PreVeil, you don’t need to train your employees to use new software. You don’t even have to get new email addresses.

“PreVeil offers native applications for Windows and macOS, and apps for Android and iOS” writes Rubenking. “In addition, you can log into your account directly, without installing anything. And the benefits don’t stop with encrypting your email. Your PreVeil account also includes online storage for your most important files that’s secure, encrypted, and shareable.”

PreVeil makes the most secure solution the easiest one. PC Magazine calls PreVeil “tough enough for business but extremely easy to use.”

Secure at its core

“Consumer-side security products frequently come with a disclaimer,” writes tech expert Neil Rubenking. “You must acknowledge that if you lose the encryption key, you lose access to your account and its data. An early version of one security product laid out its policy thus: ‘I understand that if I lose my encryption key, I will be hosed.’ That just doesn’t fly in a business environment. Suppose only the CTO has the key to unlock the company’s essential documents, and further suppose the CTO dies, or absconds with the key. The company can’t just shut down, and yet sharing the key more widely is a security risk.”

PreVeil solves the problem. Instead of introducing vulnerability with admins, PreVeil has Approval Groups. Employing the same principles used to secure nuclear launch codes, a group of preselected individuals within your organization each hold a fraction of the master key. A portion of those individuals’ shards must be combined in order to undertake privileged activities, like granting account access. No individual, not even the CTO, can expose the company.


As Rubenking says, “totally free is a great price.” PreVeil is designed for enterprises, but accessible to everyone and completely free to individuals. “Your PreVeil account comes with 100GB of cloud storage for your most important files” writes Rubenking. “That’s the same amount you get free from Box, and quite a bit more than Dropbox’s paltry 2GB. Of course, the security of your files is paramount with PreVeil, unlike with standard cloud storage services.”
Concluding, Rubenking writes “Combining top-tier technology, ease of use, secure file sharing, and no cost, PreVeil is our new Editors’ Choice for encrypted email.” There you have it.

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