Our CMMC Virtual Summit brought together leaders from the DoD, academia and industry
to provide their perspectives on Must Do’s for 2020: Key Decisions For Your CMMC Compliance Journey. The Sessions covered the compliance requirements that face both defense industry contractors as well as CISOs in higher education. The speakers brought to their session a nuanced and in depth understanding of the industry.

The Summit sessions and speakers were:

KEYNOTE: CMMC Must Do’s for 2020


  • Katie Arrington – CISO Acquisition @ DoD
  • Karlton Johnson- Board Chair, CMMC-AB

Description: Katie and Karlton highlighted the actions defense companies and higher education institutions need to take by year’s end to be ready for CMMC.

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Technology Experts Discuss The State of The Art in Data Protection


  • Prof. Raluca Ada Popa – Computer Security, UC Berkeley; CTO @ PreVeil
  • Prof. Matt Green – Computer Security, Johns Hopkins University

Description: This session provided a tutorial from two of the nation’s leading security experts. Their discussion will focus on how nation state adversaries are able to exploit security vulnerabilities and what methods defense and higher education practitioners can use to thwart these attacks.

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Using PreVeil to Protect CUI


  • Sanjeev Verma – Chairman & Co-founder @ PreVeil

Description: Sanjeev discussed the benefits of using a modern security system like PreVeil and how PreVeil is uniquely able to protect controlled unclassified information (CUI) in email and files.

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Critical 2020 Compliance Initiatives for Small & Mid-Sized Defense Suppliers


  • Rear Admiral Mike Brown – Director Cybersecurity Coordination @ Department of Homeland Security – retired
  • Robert Metzger – Leading attorney in cybersecurity and supply chain. Co-author of MITRE “Deliver Uncompromised” Report.
  • Brandon Long – CEO @ Longeviti
  • Tim Campbell – IT Executive @ North Atlantic Industries

Description: This session will highlighted the CMMC-related decisions and actions which small to medium sized defense suppliers must make by year’s end.

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CMMC Compliance for Higher Education


  • Brian Kelly – Director of the Cybersecurity Program @ EDUCAUSE
  • Karlton Johnson – Chair, CMMC-AB
  • Jodi Ito – CISO @ University of Hawaii
  • Mike Corn – CISO @ University of California, San Diego

Description: This session highlighted the CMMC-related decisions which higher education institutions must make by year’s end.

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