Primes are now responsible for ensuring both the security and CMMC compliance of the contractors in their supply chain. This represents a huge responsibility and challenge for them and their subcontractors.
In this webinar cybersecurity and supply chain leaders JC Dodson (Chief Security Officer, BAE Systems), Robert Metzger (Leading attorney in cybersecurity and supply chain. Co-author of MITRE “Deliver Uncompromised” Report), Stuart Itkin (VP, Coalfire Federal) and Randy Battat addressed this challenge and highlighted:

  • Steps Primes can take to help their subs get on the compliance path
  • Technologies that can help suppliers with their compliance journey
  • How Primes can help their subs manage the costs of compliance

Watch the webinar and learn insightful lessons on how Primes see their upcoming challenge and how suppliers can get started with their compliance journey.

Download the slide deck from the presentation.